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, but is it because of taxes? >> good evening. of baltimore city firefighter is in jail tonight, charged with running a prostitution ring of a southwest baltimore row house. >> kai reed is live downtown with this story tonight. >> the firefighter was charged in a separate prostitution case to years ago but kept his job, but now he and coit are in trouble again. amar simmons has been a baltimore firefighter since 2002 but prosecutors say he has also been working in the prostitution business, too. >> we found handguns, a small amount of marijuana, and various letters and documents that would suggest that an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted from the location. >> detectives had been investigating simmons and kuwait since last year. -- simmons and coit. an informant told them they had a three-six girls working for them as prostitutes at any given time, either at the warehouse are at several hotels in the baltimore area. this is not the first time they have been in trouble with the law. both were arrested after arranging a prostitution meade up two years ago. they wer
there's a break in this 20-inch water main. >> baltimore city records show this was laid back in 1989. >> is the city public works department focuses on replacing the swelling quillon the entire street right now. this is mostly holland. >> their concern about this street and they're trying to get rid of both of these water mains of this will not happen again. these remain shut for much of tuesday. >> they're working to get the water flowing into businesses again. this manager said it was the perfect opportunity to offer water main break special to try to bring in patients. >> we're hoping to available but of business from the workers out here. >> the impact on transportation is tremendous likely close to lombard, two major city blocks. they're trying to exist -- assist with changing traffic patterns and rush-hour is a major concern. >> there used to be all of these rounds to go. it is going to be mayhem, i think, coming out of work tonight. >> the department of public works think it will take approximately three weeks to get this block back in order. as mentioned, traffic is a
. >> was the recording of an arrest at the center of the dispute between this man and a baltimore city police department. at the incident, officers attempted to arrest a woman, she is on the ground with a bloody nose. police claim she is intoxicated and assault the dimon have a ticket counter. video turns up on youtube. >> the police officers saw he was recording and they surrounded him. the strong armed him into giving up his farm. the deleted all of the video including many videos of his young son. >> the aclu sued baltimore city police and now the aclu wants all police departments to set guidelines explaining citizens have their right to record the actions of officers. they also want officers to receive training so that they know the policy. >> as long as they are not interfering with the work of the police department, they have a right to record police officers to help keep the police accountable. >> baltimore city police released a general order j16, a collective stance following lessons learned from the past. >> it basically outlines citizens have a right to videotape in a public place as long as
involved in helping to stop and solve screams. more cameras to fight more crimes. the baltimore city police department's camera system hast just expanded. this foundation is providing a $53,200 grant that will allow police to act as private and public security scam raws at businesses and eventually home to the discretion of the owner. right now, baltimore city police have access is to more than 550 cameras to help them keep a watch out to crime. >> if something kicks off and goes awry, we could look at ure database and say, okay, this crime happened there. they have a camera. wow. let's check it out. >> reporter: this has credibilitied more than 12 -- to more than 1200 arrests. last year, this fatal shooting was caught on camera -- this has contributed to more than 1200 arrests. last year, the fatal shooting was caught on camera. >> if the crime happens inside of the store. we have to find out do you have a camera? is it operational? we already have that with this. >> reporter: and once the scene of a flash mob robbery say having police on their store is extra security they would expect. >>
who knows a lot about school funding brings his knowledge and experience to baltimore city schools today. brent jeffcoat took all 80 of greenville south carolina schools and transformed the financially strapped system in six years. so now he is going to help out baltimore city schools. he says he can. he has 35 years experience and he is going to talk about how a similar plan could actually work here. we will let you know how it goes. >>> tomorrow we are going to find out who gets nominated for the 64th annual prime time emmy awards. critics think the abc hit show modern family is going to win again. this year's nominee will be unveiled tomorrow morning in los angeles. so we will keep you posted on that. >>> the dark knight opens on friday and already tickets are going on sale. listening to -- listen to this for 100 to $150 on craigslist for a movie. some are more than that. so people have been snatching up the first seats for the midnight showing for the dark knight. >>> now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: we are live in downtown baltimore where the water main break is snagg
reported four years ago. the city of baltimore is getting hundreds of millions of dollars from wells fargo bank to settle claims that the company had been engaging in discriminatory lending practices. kai reed is live outside city hall. we hear this is the second- largest beer lending settlement in the department's history. >> that is correct. the lawsuit first filed by the city of baltimore back in 2008 alleged that wells fargo steered minority home buyers into subprime loans simply because of the color of their skin. a settlement agreement has been made that includes a payout of $175 million in several metropolitan areas. 34,000 victims were identified and the lawsuits nationwide. the 1000 from the baltimore area will receive a total of $2.50 million in restitution. wells fargo will also provide four 0.5 borrows million to this city for lending assistance program -- $4.5 million to the city for lending assistance programs. the celebrated the victory this afternoon at city hall. >> today, it is not about the past. puts aside our legal challenges allows us to move forward palaver tillery o
main break in downtown baltimore. the city has a plan but it's going to take a while. charley crowson is live at the work scene and charley being we hear from the board of public works that will hit up city hall for more money but is there money there? >> yeah. 31,000 dollars is what they will ask for for emergency funds and whether or not the money is there is going to remain to be seen. that meeting is scheduled for later this morning. and we can only assume it's going to be to address this, this huge water main break from monday afternoon. blocking traffic from all the way down to lombard back up to baltimore. big congestion and commuting problems buch businesses and hotels and residents water piping and getting water pressure back is a concern. we are showing you temporary pipes brought in. this is running water to businesses on the west -- east side of the street. west side is without power. we talked to the manager at the 7-eleven and they are having trouble so they are closed for business. we want to show you something. we picked up this half an hour ago. you will only see this
spotted in baltimore city. we are told these men have failed to register on a weekly basis. anyone with informational about them, call the police. >> new details tonight regarding the investigation into violet ripken's induction. the aberdeen police department has released a photograph of the suspect. david collins has the latest on the search for that man. >> this is a picture of the suspect. please ask, do you know this man? if so, give us a call. aberdeen police believe this is the man who abducted violet ripken at gunpoint outside her home on tuesday. all white male, 180 pounds with short brown hair and glasses. correct it enough that individual, we asked them to call. >> a team of agencies is working on the case. the ever been police department is in charge. authorities have not developed a motive. police say her hands and feet were bound with duct tape and the suspect drove for a round in her car for some 24 hours and then abandoned her and the vehicle in her neighborhood. >> i saw a white sweater being weighed outside a car window. i asked the lady inside and she needed help
congressional gold medal back to the baltimore city police department to celebrate with his fellow officers and friends. >> i wanted to say something for all you guys, for the city of baltimore and the united states of america. [applause] >> pixar been james dickson served in the baltimore city police department in 1954-1987. the congressional gold medal is the highest civilian award that the government bestows. he bills himself as the world's youngest escape artist, but he did not win over the judges this time. the 26-year-old has loads of talent and is clearly going places. will it be to the finals? we certainly hope so. senator often performs on friday and saturday night. dropping some unwanted pounds make it easier. and new drug is coming to the marketplace. a minor slip in a hospital ranking has some taking notice of american institution. details on your chance to grab some authentic olympic gear. >> another hot day today but we have relief in the forecast. here's a look outside. still in the 90's in downtown baltimore. the weather is next. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood s
in the city, fire department activity. continued closures along light street between baltimore and lombard. those delays are expected again today. mount royal is closed from north avenue to charles street. here's a quick live look at traffic. 95 from route 24 in harford county. so far so good. this is 295, outbound traffic building down towards 32 as you make your closer to the capital beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. another day with the extreme heat. 103 yesterday at the inner harbor. even more humid today. 80 this morning at the airport. 85 at the inner harbor. the record today is 102. highs will get out into the upper 90's. people to stay cautious today in the extreme heat. drink plenty of water and stay in the shade. now let's head to sports. >> you're on. >> thank you. i cannot escape being caught on camera. he calls himself the youngest escape artist. he did not necessarily win over the judge's last night. uck.ish him good loc >> the opening ceremonies for the olympics begin next week. stx has signed not to create a limited edition hockey stick. you can
to pro-active work of the baltimore city department of public works, we have gotten ahead of a potential serious matter. >> most of our large water main breaks were caused by these types that were sold across the nation four or five decades ago. >> it was this type of water main which results in some of our largest and most catastrophic failures. >> they will begin making in adjustments. if successful they will begin replacing 16-foot sections, and because of that, citizens are asked to conserve water. >> please refrain from outside watering, car washing, how oil washing, until after sunset or during the early morning hours. please do not wash clothes or dishes or do non-essential indoor cleaning with water until late in the evenings and early morning. use clothes washers and dishwashers only with full loads. we are asking you remember short showers, use less water. >> they say there is a chance there may be a potential interruption of water service. conserving water will help minimize that interruption. >> two baltimore city fire companies close today. one of the move to the 1200 block
with information is urged to call baltimore county police. >> baltimore city police say they need your help in locating a vehicle reportedly used in a homicide. investigators say three men took off in the victim's 2004 silver honda odyssey after shooting him several times. it happened around 10:00 p.m. sunday night in evisham avenue. detectives say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. the victim, hammond bridges, died from his wounds. >> the man accused of plotting a terrorist attack in prince georges county is still undergoing a mental health evaluation. formal challenges -- charges still havhad to be filed. he told his supervisor he would attack the work place after a burning he was soon to be fired. he reportedly referred to himself as the joker. a search of his apartment uncovered dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of commission. charges have been filed against the man accused of killing 12 and wounding dozens more inside a colorado movie theater. james colmes has been charged with several crimes including 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. two
. here is sarah. ." >> good morning. we have closures in the city on light street between baltimore and lombard. we check air speed sensor on 95, at 62 miles per hour -- we check our speed sensor. it will take you 10 minutes to travel south on 95 from the beltway down towards 32. here's a quick live look at traffic. an update on greenspring, very light volume on the inner loop towards the j.f.x. no problems to report on the j.f.x. into town. we are tracking a smooth ride down towards the beltway on 795. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the suspected gunman in the theater shooting in colorado will make his first court appearance today. >> president obama was among those offering words of comfort. >> hallie jackson is live in our washington bureau. >> the president focused on the victims. he remembered their lives and their stories. ♪ balloons floated skyward at a vigil to remember 12 people killed in colorado. >> veronica sullivan. >> we will remember. >> the youngest, a little girl just 6 years old. some carried white roses. >> ♪ i once was lost >> family members of th
sunset...//. the... search... resumes tom'w. 3 baltimore city police...need your help... fighting back.../ investigating... a ...triple shooting... this morning... in... north baltimore... that... left... one person dead. police say... two suspects ... entered... a home... near lothian... and... turnbridge road.../ the... suspects... then shot... three people... inside the home..../ a,... male victim... was shot in the head.../ he... later died..../ no... word ...on the condition... of... the other... two victims.... .or... the whereabouts of the suspects. baltimore police... arrest ...32- year- old... eras-mo... sandobal... and... 30- year- old... alberto ramos...//for... a shooting... at... a... southeast baltimore bar...//.it... happened saturday ... at... the "rancho blanco".... on... south fagley street.../.police... say... the 2... entered the bar.. / then... shot the victim...//. one... man... was detained... in... the bar.../ the... other ... ran away..../ th
a formal complaint. . >> the latest fatalities, all adults, occurred in baltimore city, wicomico, and montgomery county. many are asking, when is my power going to come back on? lowell melser joins us and i hope you have a couple of answers for us. >> i wish i had a magic want and could make it all better for folks, but unfortunately, that is not the case. as we speak, according to the b g e website, more than 213,000 people are without power in the area, but progress is being made. an example here in waverly within the last hour, a crew from upstate new york finish the majority of its work here. you can see debris left behind from a tree that was resting on a power line. the still appears to be some work to be done, as power has not been restored to this neighborhood, despite the progress that was made. workers told us earlier people just have to be patient. >> it is what we do. it is like a doctor gets out of bed in the middle of the warning to go deliver a baby because that is what he does. when there is a power problem, we respond. >> dave is one of 1400 utility members from
prostitution ring with a baltimore city firefighter at the center of their investigation. two men have now been taken into custody, 29-year-old ja mar simmons who has been with the baltimore city fire department for more than a decade. also in custody 34-year-old franklin koit. earlier this week police raided a house on pulaski street in west baltimore. inside they say they found ledgers, documents and computer equipment detailing a large- scale operation along with condoms and other sexual toys. >> just a lot of fine women going up in there and, you know, i didn't know what was going on. >>> the firefighter, ja mar simmons who you see there on your left has a previous sex trafficking charge dating back to 2010. in that case he received probation before judgment and that allowed him to keep his job with the department. if he had pleaded guilty or been convicted, obviously he would have lost his job. now he's being suspended without pay. >>> two teens have confess today killing a former teacher and principal from chesapeake high school in anne arundel county. police responded to reports of a bo
. >> the city of baltimore continues to deal with water main break. i am hive with reports on what -- i am live with reports on what you need to know to get around the problem. >> a sailor sentenced. he learns his fate today. and on the run, a murder suspect reportedly tries to flee with a parked passenger jet and things go from bad to worst. first, staying cool. it's going to be the name of the game again. brace yourself for another scorcher for the 5th time this summer. we hit 100 degrees yesterday and we are expected to be well above the # 0s today. -- 90s today. good morning it's wednesday thanks for joining us i am megan prinko charley live but mike masco joins us. -- pringle, charlee live but mike masco joins us today. >> if we end and continue the stretch, we will be the hottest. let's talk weather and about yesterday. we hit 100. right now it's 81 degrees. not much of a drop in the temperatures to the overnight and we are continuing to see the temperatures that will soar this afternoon. let's look at temperatures right now. 81 degrees and we have been talking heat indexes and dew point
. closures in the city along light street between baltimore and lombard street. mount royal is closed from north avenue to charles street. that is in advance of artscape. 50 at sandy point approaching the bay bridge, not much in the way of delays. flowing smoothly to and from the eastern shore. southbound traffic is building. not tracking any significant at the key bridge or of the harbor tunnel. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. our big story continues to be the water main break downtown. >> if you travel downtown, it might want to remember the closures for the next couple of weeks. jennifer franciotti joins us with the latest. >> it is affecting foot traffic and people who live and work in the area. several businesses lost water because of the water main break. other businesses are affected by the closures in general. light street is shut down between baltimore street and lombard. drivers have been forced to take alternate routes. >> normally it is fine. this is ridiculous. >> the try to go down and there's a traffic jam. >> the water main that broke was built in the
, in baltimore city we do have several roads that are shut down. it's all for this weekend's artscape, many of which include north charles street, dolphin street, mount royal avenue, for a complete traffic advisory, just go to abc2news.com. and we'll let you know how to get there the easiest way possible. and in downtown baltimore, right in the inner harbor, the water main break continues to shut down light street, that's between baltimore street and lombard street. do leave yourself extra time if you are traveling in the area. megan and charley, over to you. >>> want to go back now to that breaking news story for you out of aurora, colorado. this happened around 12:30 this morning their time, 2:30 here on the eastern seaboard. seaduring the premier of "the dark knight rises." the premier show about 20 minutes in, a gunman reportedly walked into the back of the theater, released a canister in there and randomly began opening fire on people enjoying that movie. it appears to have been planned somewhat because witnesses who were in the theater say, megan, this happened during a shootout scen
-- this is not a one state problem. this is a national problem. >> baltimore's city crumbling system supplies the entire region. >> even with water rates going up 9% and $300 million in replacement pipe going on in the next 5 years many fear it's not enough to keep up with the ageing system. >> the senator wants a federal trust fund. >> there's an ongoing degregs of these systems and it's putting our human health at risk. >> a temp raur -- temporary water system finally allowed businesses to reopen. >> they need to fix them, repair them and replace them. other wise, this is going to happen a lot. using high-tech equipment this was a bigger main that was discovered about to crack prompting people to conserve water while it's fixed. >> if we can make repairs and replacement prior to an emergency arises that's always the best approach. >> many wonder when and where will the next emergency strike. >> reporter: regarding the continuing work here downtown, i asked if they were sticking to their 3 week estimate and they said yes but it's like when you go to the mechanic with the car and get under th
there. also we just got off the phone with adrian barnes. she is with baltimore city's department of transportation. she is putting out an urgent transportation alert to people that are downtown baltimore right now. she is telling them if you're downtown in this general area it is best to try and stay downtown for the time being. they're trying to ease up some of this traffic gridlock that we've been seeing here from sky high chopper 13. if you do have to leave downtown, try using the south side or some of the tunnels to get out of downtown. if you have to leave downtown and go north, go north and try to avoid light streets. these water main breaks they have been a huge problem in baltimore over the last decade or so. there have been a number of them. there are some real amazing estimates of how much money it would cost to fix these problems. hundreds of millions of the dollars in baltimore alone to fix this infrastructure. until that funding comes through, we're going to see many of these. the water main is still broken. it is a 20-inch main. back to you. >> thank you. stay with
. the majority of them are in baltimore county. there are some in baltimore city. we're continuing to work the phones with them. we'll keep you posted. at the peak of the storm more than 24,000 people were without electricity. there were reports this morning of flash flooding around the area. abc 2 news' sherree johnson joins us live this morning from south point, an area that is experiencing flooding. >>reporter: well, we're here in felds point. right now all is quiet, no flooding right now, but yesterday was a different scene. they saw high winds, heavy rain, lots of flooding, thousands of people without power. and take a look at this video here, a viewer shot this video on youtube. and you can see -- this is in the felds point area, you can see flooding towards the inlet, you can see cars driving through high standing flood waters there, making their way, car horns going off there. it's amazing that car didn't get stuck going through all of that water, and also near camden yards at the hilton guests got a big surprise when the water proved too much for the ceilings to hold. firefighter
. we still do not know the particulars of what the incident was about. baltimore city police have shut down both north and southbound between belvedere. but we will update you as we get more information. >> in addition to the penn state story, james holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others, faced a judge for the first time today. the initial hearing was held this morning. it give us the first public glimpse of the suspect since his alleges that murderous rampage. we have more from arapahoe county, colorado. >> good evening. it was a packed house. five family members of victims as they've got the first glimpse of the man responsible for changing their lives and community forever. >> these are the first public images of james homes since the attack, the picture of the evil for so many watching including family members of the victims. >> he looked demonic or something. >> the 24-year-old is accused of plotting for months before carrying out a murderous rampage. his hair was dyed bright fitting descriptions just after the massacre when he told police he was the j
harbor. it's touching. however today members of baltimore city fire department will climb and remember. it's all part of the 9/11 memorial stair climb. they're going to walk up 110 flights of stairs to remember the victims of those attacks. the same number of flights that were in the world trade center towers. each climber is going to carry a picture of a firefighter who died in the attacks. 343 members of the new york city fire department died on september 11th. today's event starts at noon at the hilton baltimore hotel and we'll be there. >>> a crazy day yesterday with the weather. highs breaking 100 and severe weather last night. >> who didn't keep an eye on the tries in the backyard? we're going to look at the damage in one home that left the firefighter injured. >> also you exercise as much as you can but you still have concerns about your heart. a new pill your doctor could prescribe that will help you keep your doctor healthy. >> maryland's most powerful radar is saying that 400 miles away we have another storm we have to watch out for today. we're going to track it for you. lau
195. now if you are in baltimore city another accident. it's going to be right on west baltimore street at mount street. and heavy delays down in the inner harbor that's all due to the water main break. light street is shut down that's right between baltimore streetling and lombard street. definitely use mass transit if you can or always stick with hopkins place or fayette street. there's a detour if place but do -- detour in place but do allow yourself some extra time. the outer loop will remaybe that way down to route 40 and here's the beltway looking like in overly at bel air road. the outer loop also picking up up towards loch raven boulevard but fortunate no knobs down -- problems down to 95. if you want a chance to win a $600 gas gift card. go to my facebook page. >>> who wouldn't love to hit the day spa with your pets? sometimes the tags and cats they -- dogs is cats they need r&r. >> they work so hard in the home. best friends forever. get it fur ever. they are the doggie day care and overnight resort and they open august 1st. cockeysville. it will feature a canine senior
worker in the future. >>> baltimore city will receive more than $7 million as part as a settlement with wells fargo many they targeted minorities for subprime home loans. wells fargo will pay 4 1/2 million dollars to help people buy or renovate homes. another 3 million will go towards priority housing and foreclosure related to initiative. >>> there could be another special session turns out published reports say governor o'malley is set to meet with key state leaders next week to discuss a possibility. lawmakers would discuss the possible casino at the national harbor as well as allowing table games at the slots only casinos. >>> that is big story on abc to2 news.com -- abc2news.com a huge solar flair erupted from the sun expected -- flare erupted from the sun expected to arrive tomorrow morning. the space weather prediction center says there should minimal impact in terms of communication and disruptions to the power grids. >> bullying is not just happening to kids in classrooms. now it's moving into other places. >> employees say it is happening in the workplace. and this mornin
is because of the sinkhole, there is also a gas main break. baltimore city police, fire, dpw, and bge is on the scene in the process of trying to shut off the gas main. not allowing in a pedestrian or car traffic in the area. as we get more information we will update you. i am capt. roy taylor. >> matt back to our big story. the mother of orioles hall of famer cal ripken, jr. abducted and held at gunpoint. police are releasing the man believed to be behind vi ripkin's ordeal. >> one source described this as one of the craziest cases he has seen. for almost 24 hours, she was a kidnapping victim. tied up according to sources and driven all over the place but taken back home unharmed. >> the crime unfolded tuesday morning at the home everyone knows in aberdeen, the home of the ripkins. vi ripkin was in her garage when a man appeared. >> he produced a handgun and forced her into her vehicle at which time he fled the area. >> she was tied up with duct tape. using her car, and 1998 silver lincoln continental, the suspect drove her throughout maryland. someone called not far from i- 95. the
will take a closer look at the issue. baltimore city officials prepping for tonight's fourth of july celebration. >> they are hoping for the best but inspecting the work -- expecting the worst. >> no one wants a repeat of what happened last for the july here at the inner harbor with two very high-profile incidents of violence. people are counting on the police department's pledge a better safety this year. city police advertise their stepped up security before the fourth of july. >> i saul anuzis -- i saw the news, and i feel safe. >> i think they have really beefed up security recently in the area are around the harbor. we are down here. >> i do plan to bring my kids to the fireworks. but i think this city is going to ram up police coverage. we will see how it goes. >> last fourth of july, a 4- year-old was shot and wounded and another was fatally stabbed. >> the strategy this year is not necessarily numbers, but it is agility and mobility. we will be able to deploy officers very swiftly should there be a problem. at the end of the day, we are looking for individuals that might caus
into kayak city. we have a water main break in the heart of downtown baltimore. it's enough to make you sick. you see that slick spot? it's all brown, just oozing out, skirting into the harbor. we're talking right in front of the old better's restaurant. that's where all the water is gushing out. you're talking pratt, light street. traffic, as you can imagine, is as thick has this brown stuff. you're not budging. you stay at baltimore, ore leans to get out. we're hearing that firefighters are trying to get to the scene. they complaint because they're blocked. there's no way where to go. wednesday, this coming wednesday will mark the 11th anniversary of the howard street tunnel fire when our city was shut down for six days because of a water main break. listen, we're on this story on air and online at abc2news.com. >>> the man who shot his former girlfriend in an ellicott city salon is still on the run. he is 35-year-old tuan minh pham wanted for firsthand second-degree attempted murder while the two victims are improving. business is getting back to normal. >> reporter: at the nail and hair
. the grand prix will take over baltimore city streets dependence just in time for lay bob day weekend -- city streets again just in time for the labor day weekend. >> they'll start construction on the track tonight. and the general manager of the grand prix said they took the necessary steps to make sure business and traffic are not negatively affected. after making a few changes in planners, the grand prib is back. >> it was a great success from the spectators perspective. but as a business it failed. >> reporter: this year they're doing things differently. construction on the track will start in the evening and be built in sections for less impact on drivers and instead of ending the race at 9:00 p.m. the race will end at 6:30 p.m. a plus for businesses. >> that's right around dinner time so we are all hopeful that this year it'll have a greater impact, positive impact on our business. >> everything is on schedule. we're quite happy with the way things are going. >> reporter: the grand prix will feature lots of drivers like joseph newgarden. >> half of the track is really bumpy and half is
hit 100 degrees in downtown baltimore this afternoon. we are kaline back little in the city -- we are cooling back a little in the city. it is hot out there, it feels like 106 in downtown baltimore. the heat advisory goes until 9:00. thunderstorms have been popping up. isolated storms in parts of frederick and carroll county. the most severe storms expected to be out to the west of us in garrett county. we love to keep a close eye on the radar. i will be back in a few minutes with the forecast. >> plenty of people will be packing the inner harbor tonight for fourth of july festivities, and city police will have a prominent presence. jayne miller joins us live with details on the stepped up security. >> you can really see it right now. in the past 20 minutes or so, we started seeing all these extra police officers arriving. they are all in uniform tonight. there are detectives on patrol tonight. all the police who are here are in uniform. joining me is the acting police commissioner, anthony barksdale. we were with you yesterday when you announced your said the plan. do you feel so
in downtown baltimore. it happened right in the heart of the city. light street near plume bampletd a 20-inch water main break -- broke sending water gushing. roosevelt leftwich has the latest. >> reporter: this is the first work of what's going to be three weeks of work as they try to reconstruct a good part of light street. take a look you can see they're widening out the hole. this will be some of the first asphalt that you see turned over as they get ready to replace 700 feel the of road and pipe and everything under baltimore street -- under light street from baltimore to lombard to fix the leak and do an awful lot of other stuff. it doesn't do it justice. it's like an e rption of water. -- eruption of water. what's under the street has been washed away. that means three weeks of work to make it right. >> a contractor will basically dig up this entire street and replace those 20-inch water mains and that 10-inch water main which is parallel to it from -- i think it's from baltimore all the way down to lombard. once we replace those mains, we'll come back and close up the street, repave i
at the intend sea, air and space museum in new york city. >>> and another attraction in baltimore the historic mansion house at the maryland zoo reopens today. built in 1801 the house has been a home to a restaurant, a day school and to bird. it opens tonight at 5:30. >>> can you buy local? that's the challenge and it starts on saturday. today governor o'malley is hosting a buy local cookout at government house. so this is basically what you're encouraged to do. use one locally bought product for each of your meals. >>> and check this out. a piece of toast now going in the auction block in london. looks -- okay. but this is not just any normal piece of toast. it was served to prince charles the morning of his wedding to princess diana 1981. it's expected to fetch around $800. i think the obvious question guys this morning if you're watching at home is why? >> why. >> i'd pay $1,000. >> of course you would. >> $2,000. >> our facebook question something to think about this morning. whose toast would you buy? let us know and weigh in on facebook. >> not that piece of toast. >> lauren cook is here
. >>> it's going to -- the city is beginning to prepare for the baltimore grand prix. you can buy tickets at 58 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for sunday -- 85 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for the sunday race. time to start the 5:00 hour. >>> now, good morning maryland." >> breaking news out of canada a shooting at a backyard barbeque leaves two dead and 19 people injured. why the investigation is going on and where it stand this morning. >> reporter: things are a mess downtown from the massive water main break. what it means for your commute and how long before things get back to normal. [ no audio interest station ] >> it's tuesday july 17th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. a whole lot to talk about. but one of the big stories is the heat. >> that's going to be big and continuing. lynette charles is outsidegiving us a taste of what's going on. people planning for the day how bad will it be? >> out here today, temperatures i am forecasting around 98. so close to 100. a lot of spots will hit 100s. but today w
is urged to contact the city's homicide unit. we're learning city police are investigating a third shooting in northeast baltimore. a man was found shot just before 10:00 this evening. paramedics responded and transport the victim to a hospital. we do not know the condition of the victim or the circumstances surrounding the shooting. >> anne arundel county police are investigating the death of an active duty member of the national guard. he was climbing over the balcony at the embassy suites hotel. he was fell and taken to the hospital, where he later died. witnesses say the air men did seem intoxicated. an exact cause of death has not been determined. the man had just returned from an overseas deployment. the search is on for the suspects that robbed a royal farms store in hartford county. the surveillance photos show the men entering the store. when they were inside come that they assaulted the two clerks. anyone with information is asked to call crime solvers. last month, howard county police said a scarcity of drugs led five men to come up with a creative solution to their problem. they
for the city. a few years ago we did a special report on the aging infrastructure in baltimore. you have to remember a lot of these pipelines are very old. they've been dealing with these problems off and on for a number of years. estimates to repair these problems so you don't run into this run into hundreds of millions of the dollars. there's been debates on how to fund these projects. in the meantime with a lack of funding you're just going to see more and more of these problems that's what the experts are predicting. mary that's the latest we have now back to you. >> i think all of us have been paying more attention to it because our water bills just went up. yes they did. >> last week knowing that the infrastructure needs to be repaired. when they finally do get to the scene, when they shut the water off a lot of times they have to dig right there, open the street up and get to work on those pipes. >> and mary you know they just announced here about a week ago the city was launching a new initiative where they were sending in specialized equipment into some of these water mains that
. a water main break in downtown baltimore. capt. roy taylor is over this scene. the >> it city police are in the
happening in boughtmore today. governor will meet with city and state lawmakers. and sherrie johnson has more on today's meeting. >> reporter: well, today baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake goneor o'malley and house speaker bush is meet with the house delegation. it will be in baltimore and the mayor supports expanding gambling to allow table games at a planned baltimore casino. the governor wants to call a special session. once a consensus is reached. governor expressed confidence a consensus will be forged to pass legislation this summer. now a proposal for a casino at the national harbor has complicated the negotiations. the window of opportunity is creeping towards a close for a special session before an august deadline to approve ballot language for voters to get the final say in november if law makers approve legislation. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> six families in howard county are celebrating a victory this morning. people who live on coon hunt court will have a new address soon. the families felt it had negative racial connotations so the name will be april wind circle
in the city. >> if you think it's hot outside, try flipping burgers inside a to drop. >> it is 100 out there, 120 in here. >> we caught up with the guys working out of the chow hounds in downtown baltimore and they told us is a constant battle to stay hydrated. >> it will be 3:00 soon. >> state health officials are very worried about the next couple of days, because they expected 100 or more degree temperatures. a warning to those who have to work outside, especially all of the utility workers trying to restore power. >> we are very concerned about the prolonged heat wave and its effect on a lot of the folks here in the mid-atlantic region. >> according to the national weather service, so far since april this year, 18 days of 90 degrees or more. and two days in june of 100 degrees in -- or more. and with those 100-degree days expected to double in the next couple of days, doctors are urging people to be where. >> do not be foolish. >> one doctor says the e.r. is starting to fill up with patients with heat-related illnesses, and said it is vital that people learn the sign of a heat stroke. >>
on this is actually going to be on cold spring in the city and the crash in baltimore county right in pikesville is going to be on millford mill and deerfield road. expect a lot of congestion on outer loop from liberty road towards root 40 and this is what it looks like in overl-ea at bel air road. outer loop nice and slow as you make the push up towards loch raven boulevard. that's the amount bc2 timesaver traffic. >>> investigators are looking into what caused a plane to crash in montgomery county killing one person. it went down near the davis airport last night. the pilot died at the scene and the other person on board was flown to shock trauma currently listed in critical condition. >>> bge will charge some you who lost power. bill stablation adjustment allows them to charge customers whether they had power or not for the first 24 hour period of the outage. if you went without power longer than day you won't be charged. on facebook this morning we are asking you about a new york shop now having dress codes for the customers. they say no sunglasses, no hats, and no hoodies. what do you think
, mike. a water main break continues to cause big problems in downtown baltimore. light street is shut down between baltimore street and lombard street. there is a detour in place, but you will want to expect heavy congestion in the area. many roads closed in the city for this weekend's artscape. for a complete list, go to abc2news.com, all the information there that you will need to know. if you are traveling the jfx, no delays getting into the city. here's a live look at the beltway in parkville on harford road. outer loop moving slowly up to the boulevard. megan, over to you. >> lauren, thanks. >>> thousands of people went without power overnight and into this morning after the storms hit us last night. cars tried to drive into flooded streets in downtown baltimore. the hilton at camden yards has serious cleaning up to do today after flood waters went through the ceiling and water managed to get into the emergency room of johns hopkins as well. >>> today we may learn the identity of a pilot killed in a plane crash outside of ocean city. police say the small banner plane was having
. >> things seem quiet. >> i missed the big sink hole in baltimore last week. it shuts down east monument, between wolf and patterson park avenue. stick with orleans. no problems to report on the jfx in to the city and beltway. nice and clear all the way around. >> speaking of color and the sun, the temperatures were great to do it and do it safely of course. >> we will be able to do a little bit of it today. sun and clouds mixing in. don't let the seasonable temperatures fool you. we will have a little bit of humidity. dew points in the 60s in baltimore right now. it is humid. more of the same heading over to frederick and york. 70 dc and more of the same in salisbury in terms of the humidity, check out the temperatures, 71 degrees aberdeen. 72 gwen oak. >>> today there will be changes to the roads in downtown baltimore. construction begins to transform the roads in to high speed raceways for the coming grand prix. linda so is live downtown with a preview of what people can expect and how it could be affecting their commute today. >> reporter: the hope is it won't affect your commute, ra
and white mar nsh marsh in to the city. if you are using the jfx, a 12 minute ride from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. a live look at the west side, traffic starting to pick up at baltimore national pike. you are looking at a 14 minute ride from 795, towards 95. here is how traffic is shaping up. inner loop, no problems towards 95. the outer loop picking up towards towson. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >>> the prosecution will formally charge james holmes, the man 12 people and injuring 58 others while in aurora, colorado. sherrie johnson is here with what is expected in court today. >> lots going on in court today. today the prosecution will formally charge james holmes for the shooting death of 12 people and wounding 58 hours. holmes could face hundreds of charges including 12 counts of first degree murder, 58 counts of attempted murder, reckless endangerment for the explosives found in his apartment. some victims and families will be in court. at the center is a notebook holmes sent to a psychiatrist, the book includes plans for a massacre. >> if a psychologist o
the jfx to get into the city though fortunately no delays from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. a live look in downtown baltimore right now where repairs continue on that massive water main break. it continues to shut down light street between baltimore street and lombard street. use mass transit if you can and other alternates include hopkins place or even fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. stay with us, there's much more coming up on "good morning maryland." [ male announcer ] want the most enjoyment from your home entertainment? here's the perfect solution. switch to a verizon fios triple play and upgrade your entertainment equipment with our 100% fiberoptic network and whole home solution, including a high-speed wireless router, plus a new multi room dvr and new hd set top box free for 12 months. hurry. switching has never been easier with the fios whole home solution. upgrade your home with one easy package. call 1.888.get.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome to life on fio
the plans to improve the baltimore school district. the man who renovated manydifferent schools is presenting the seam plans for the city and it takes place at city hall at 1. >> gl now back to new york for good morning america and another update in 30 minutes. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >>> she's incredible. florence welch, florence and the machine, they're live singing, the group is getting ready to head out to tour. you know, just recently, she had take some time off with her throat. we can't wait. >> awesome. >>> can't wait for friday. big party in the park on friday. carmen heating up the park. >> can't get your weekend started until you spend it with us. use the gma app on your smartphone or go to our facebook page and vote for your favorite question. you'll find out exact exactly. oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> in other music news, sam, madison beer, why justin bieber says that she's about to become an overnight huge success. we'll tell her story coming up. a great show planned just a few hours from now. >> jam packed. keeping up with the car kardashians kris jenner. and a
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